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Apricot Danish
Item no.: 39510
Weight: 150g
A classic on top form: juicy apricot halves on a quark and vanilla cream in a high-quality butter laminated yeast dough. deliciously moist and pleasantly sweet pastry;delicately flaky laminated yeast dough with a high butter content (24%);attractive shape;apricot halves placed by hand on a combined filling of quark and vanilla cream;filled right to the ends;high-quality apricots selected by hand
Chocolate- and Vanilla-Cream Crescent
Item no.: 39512
Weight: 125g
An eye-catcher for your snack bar and thoroughly moreish: Pastry filled from end to end with the finest Swiss chocolate cream combined with light vanilla cream. fine laminated yeast dough with a very attractive appearance;Swiss chocolate cream that melts in the mouth;with delicate vanilla-cream;pastry filled from end to end
Cinnamon Swirl
Item no.: 39513
Weight: 125g
The moreish speciality from northern Germany! Delicious croissant pastry interwoven with a cinnamon sugar and apricot kernel filling. high-quality croissant pastry with a high butter content (20 %);very moist pastry thanks to the apricot kernel filling;refined with cinnamon sugar;unusual and attractive appearance
Apple Quark Dream
Item no.: 39514
Weight: 105g
Pure temptation made with apple and quark, topped with a delicate short pastry lattice. laminated yeast dough with a decorative short crust pastry lattice;homemade, chunky apple filling on fresh quark
Apple Pastry
Item no.: 39515
Weight: 95g
Generous diced apple filling in buttery puff pastry. crispy butter puff pastry with a sugar crust; home-made filling with lots of apple chunks; rounded off with nuts and sultanas;very attractive shape
Vanilla-Cream Pastry with Almond Decor
Item no.: 39516
Weight: 100g
A creamy experience comprising laminated butter yeast dough generously filled with vanilla cream refined with fresh cream, and garnished with finely flaked almonds. generously filled laminated yeast dough with aromatic vanilla cream, refined with fresh cream;filled from end to end;decorated with sliced almonds and a sugar mix to create and crunchy and caramelised finish after baking
Raspberry Vanilla Turnover
Item no.: 39517
Weight: 125g
Experience the raspberry vanilla turnover for yourself: fruity sweet raspberries on a bed of vanilla cream are a wonderful treat for the taste buds. fine and flaky laminated yeast dough;homemade raspberry filling with whole fruit based on our own recipe;highly natural raspberry taste;light vanilla cream; an irresistibly fruity experience
Vanilla-Cream Chocolate Twister
Item no.: 39518
Weight: 105g
Deliciously crispy twister with a popular combination of delicate vanilla cream and dark chocolate chips. flaky laminated yeast dough with high butter content (24%);deliciously filled with cooked vanilla cream;refined with dark chocolate drops;handcrafted twist
Strawberry Quark Basket
Item no.: 39519
Weight: 130g
Enjoy this mouth-watering, crispy pastry with a refreshingly fruity filling, containing chopped strawberries and a generous helping of fresh quark. laminated yeast dough with a crispy lattice;home-made fruit filling of deliciously aromatic whole strawberries;combined with fresh quark;appealing appearance with a red and white filling
Raspberry Quark Basket
Item no.: 39520
Weight: 130g
A refreshingly fruity experience with a home-made raspberry filling and plenty of fresh quark in a crispy laminated yeast dough basket. crispy laminated yeast dough basket made with best pure butter; home-made fruit filling with aromatic raspberries; combined with fresh quark; attractive appearance with the red and white filling
Crumble Nut Crescent
Item no.: 39542
Weight: 140g
Our crumble nut crescent is an irresistible treat containing a delicious nut filling and a crunchy butter crumble topping. A delectable combination! fine laminated yeast dough;generous moist nut filling with a high hazelnut content;pastry filled from end to end;decorated with crunchy butter crumble;handcrafted appearance
Apple Turnover
Item no.: 39551
Weight: 130g
Tasty pieces of apple in crispy puff pastry made with pure best butter. crispy turnover made from buttery puff pastry with a generous apple filling;enhanced with a slight hint of cinnamon;stays fresh for a long time thanks to the closed pastry case and the generous filling;does not contain any raisins;decorated with coarse-grained crystal sugar

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