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Our “Clean Label” ensures that you are always clear on which of our deep-frozen bakery goods are free from certain additives, palm oil and hydrogenated fats!

The trend towards healthy additive-free food is more prevalent than ever. You will surely be familiar with the scenario where consumers want to know exactly which ingredients are contained in your products. Some categorically reject or explicitly avoid certain ingredients. This trend is raising expectations on bakery goods as well, challenging bakeries to provide more information on their products.

In a move to help our customers tackle this issue, we have shed light, both in our new catalogue and on our website, on the additives that are excluded from our products, as well as palm oil and hydrogenated fats.

Our deep-frozen bakery goods only receive the “Clean Label” if they are free from:

    • Artificial flavourings
    • Colouring agents
    • Flavour enhancers
    • Preservatives
    • Antioxidants
    • Hydrogenated fats
    • Palm oil
Many of our products already meet these criteria!

Although many of our products already have the Clean Label, it is our aim to reduce even further the use of additives across our product range.

It is extremely important to us to ensure that the flavour of our goods remains natural and unadulterated! This is why, for example, none of our standard goods contains the flavour enhancer “glutamate”. We also never use sweetening agents.

We have gradually been able to eliminate the use of hydrogenated vegetable fats from our bakery goods. Only where technologically impossible, such as in our quark fillings, do we still use hydrogenated fats.

Sustainably grown palm oil!

The mass cultivation of oil palms has been leading to the large-scale deforestation of the rain forests. We are, therefore, committed to finding alternatives to palm oil wherever possible and/or to using palm oil that has been cultivated sustainably.

This is why, in January 2015, we became a member of the “Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil” (RSPO). Moreover, we have been awarded SG-certification (segregated) in compliance with the RSPO standard. The RSPO is globally committed to the sustainable cultivation of palm oil and provides certification along the entire supply chain.

In the production of our deep-frozen bakery goods, we also take environmental aspects very seriously! As a result, we continue to place our trust in suppliers from the region and say “NO” to GM foods!

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