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Operations start in Facility 3

In a move to expand our on-site logistics and production capacities and, in doing so, to meet the needs of our customers even more effectively than before, we have invested in a third production facility and a deep-frozen high-bay warehouse.

“On completion of the first building phase, the three-storey production facility extended capacities by six production lines, which are being installed step by step. Our fully automated, computer-controlled high-bay warehouse has created space for another 8,700 pallets,” reports Ernst Stengel, Member of the Management Board and in charge of production and procurement. He oversaw the construction phase from beginning to end and is delighted with the overall outcome.

Important aspects, such as energy efficiency, production safety and reliability as well as responsibility for the environment and our climate, were all taken into consideration during the expansion project.
As a consequence, some of our electricity is generated by a highly efficient and environmentally friendly hydrogen fuel cell, already the second in the company, which also contributes to fire protection in the high-bay warehouse through the utilisation of clean and oxygen-reduced exhaust air. State-of-the-art technology is also in place in the field of heat recovery; all the waste heat from the cooling equipment is used for process heat, for example, in the proving rooms, for heating water and for heating rooms. At the same time, a centralised, biological wastewater treatment plant has been installed for the entire site. By using natural cooling agents such as ammonia and CO2, we are dedicated to deploying innovative and environmentally sound technology.

By expanding the location in Fürth, we are once again showing our commitment to our southern German heritage. “The production of high-quality bakery goods is always at the forefront of everything we do. By investing in a third facility at our company headquarters, we’re able to monitor the quality of our products more closely than if we were to move parts of our production abroad or into green-field sites. There’s no doubt that we are also heavily dependent on skilled, quality staff. This expansion gives them genuine prospects at our company”, explains Ernst Stengel.

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