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We make changes for our donuts

As we launch into the new autumn season, we have modified the recipe of our frying fat for donuts, switching from clarified butter to vegetable oil. This is because the more neutral flavour of vegetable oil appeals to a wider circle of customers compared to the more particular flavour of butter.

When searching for a suitable oil, it was important to our product developers not to use palm oil or hydrogenated fats. The solution is an innovative combination of sunflower oil and sal fat.

The little-known sal fat is a sustainable alternative to palm oil, which has come under fire due to its mass cultivation. Sal fat, on the other hand, is obtained from the oil of sal tree seeds, found in India exclusively in naturally grown forests. The seeds are collected by the rural population, giving them a livelihood. No tree has to be felled, ensuring that the eco-system remains intact.

No changes have been made to the dough recipe. The donuts are still made from pure butter, yeast-risen dough which bakes into a soft, fluffy crumb, developing plenty of volume and a uniform shape. Long resting times for the yeast-leavened dough ensure that the products stay fresh for a long time whilst developing a well-balanced flavour.

Depending on the assortment, we offer not only plain ball donuts, but also donuts with various fillings.

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