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Sweet Turtle Vanilla-Cream
Item no.: 30456
Weight: 90g
This product really catches the eye. The combination of dark and light laminated yeast dough creates a unique turtle-shell look. The product is deliciously filled with cooked vanilla-cream. Sophisticated combination of dark and light laminated yeast dough;This gives the surface of each product a unique pattern reminiscent of a turtle shell;The dark pastry is naturally coloured using cocoa;High-quality filling made from cooked vanilla-cream
Mini Butter Croissant
Item no.: 32500
Weight: 30g
High-quality, egg-brushed butter croissant in a mini format. flaky butter croissant with a high butter content (24%);shiny egg-brushed appearance;perfect for baking without steam;versatile both as a small breakfast croissant or as part of a mixed assortment of mini baked products
Gold in 2018
Ham and Cheese Croissant
Item no.: 39171
Weight: 110g
The classic snack with a new and improved recipe: flaky croissant pastry meets high-quality ham and a tasty cheese cream with mozzarella. crispy and savoury butter croissant pastry with defined pores;contains a rolled slice of ham;tasty cheese filling with mozzarella and grated hard cheese;generously sprinkled with cheese;voluminous bake;a popular snack for young and old – now even tastier!
Ham and Cheese Stick
Item no.: 39234
Weight: 105g
Crisp puff pastry stick filled with a tasty ham and cheese filling. crispy stick made with butter puff pastry;filled with cooked ham cubes in a cheese cream with Gouda and Edam;garnished with grated cheese and Provençal herbs;easy to eat
Cheese Stick
Item no.: 39235
Weight: 105g
Crispy puff pastry stick filled with cheese cream. crispy stick made with butter puff pastry;filled with a cheese cream with mozzarella and grated hard cheese;garnished with grated cheese;easy to eat
Silver in 2017
Strawberry Quark Basket
Item no.: 39236
Weight: 130g
Enjoy this mouth-watering, crispy pastry with a refreshingly fruity filling, containing chopped strawberries and a generous helping of fresh quark. laminated yeast dough with a crispy lattice;home-made fruit filling of deliciously aromatic whole strawberries;combined with fresh quark;appealing appearance with a red and white filling
Cruffin Vanilla-Choc
Item no.: 39237
Weight: 105g
An innovative fusion of muffin and croissant with a delicious chocolate and vanilla filling. innovative combination of croissant pastry and chocolate muffin mixture with crunchy dark chocolate chunkstopping made with a high-quality cooked vanilla cream;surrounded by a practical and attractive wrap;hand-crafted and unique blossom shape;offers many options for decoration and presentation;practical packaging comprising reusable baking trays
Cruffin Cherry-Choc
Item no.: 39238
Weight: 105g
Innovative croissant pastry in a muffin cup with a fruity cherry filling on a delicious chocolate cake. delicious combination of croissant pastry and chocolate muffin mixture with crunchy dark chocolate chunks;fruity cherry filling with 60% fruit content;pastry in an attractive wrap;unique blossom shape created by hand-crafted production steps;many decorative options;practical packaging comprising reusable baking trays
Croissant Royal with Chocolate-Cream
Item no.: 39239
Weight: 90g
Finely flaked butter croissant combined with a delicious chocolate cream – pure indulgence. straight, French butter croissant;filled with an aromatic chocolate cream;shiny egg-brushed appearance ;attractively decorated with dark chocolate sprinkles;perfect for baking without steam
Filled Pizza Slice Salami
Item no.: 39240
Weight: 170g
Topped with plenty of sliced salami, this aromatic pizza slice has a juicy filling and comes in a practical shape, making it a flavoursome contemporary snack for on the go. trendy pizza snack with a classic topping and juicy filling;topped with tangy salami slices, tomato chunks and grated cheese on fruity tomato sauce;also filled with a tomato cheese sauce, seasoned with oregano;laminated with butter, the pizza dough with semolina stays fresh for a long time and can be reheated in the oven without losing freshness;perfect for eating on the go

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